A brief description of Chenille yarn
Oct 18, 2018

Chenille yarn is made of two strands of wire, by twisting the Yu Ying clip in the middle of the spinning system. Generally have sticky/nitrile, cotton/polyester, viscose/cotton, nitrile/polyester, viscose/polyester and other chenille products.

Chenille Decorative products can be made into sofa cover, bedspread, bed blanket, Taiwan blanket, carpet, wall decoration, curtain curtain and other city decoration ornaments.

Features: The use of chenille yarn to give home textile fabric a thick feeling, with high-grade luxury, soft feel, velvet plump, drape good advantages.

Note: Not all viscose/polyester blends are chenille products, and not all chenille fabrics are viscose/polyester blended Fabrics

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